"Hello my name is Jerome Murray and I am a Wildlife and Landscape photographer and active conservationist based out of Warwickshire.

For as long as I can remember I have held a fascination and appreciation of all of our natural world but it is only in the last twelve years or so that I have channeled and combined that love of mine through photography hoping above all else to inspire others to cherish and conserve our remaining native wildlife and wild places.

All the birds and animals you will see on this site are wild and in their native habitat, I do not photograph captive species, the results may be harder to come by needing a great deal of patience and many unproductive hours spent when absolutely nothing happens but when it does the results are in my opinion so much more rewarding and give a more realistic insight into the natural behavior of whatever species it has been my privilege to observe and photograph.

My landscape photography which is where I started takes me all over the UK seeking out lesser known places as well as more popular landmarks but I always try to offer something new using changing weather and tidal conditions to my advantage.

My work has been featured in many magazines over the years as well as various books and newspapers. Some of my images have also been placed in an array of competitions - details of my published work and competition successes can be found on my published work page. A wide variety of my photography is currently represented through two stock libraries; Alamy and the Cornish Picture Library.

All images on this site are protected by copyright, please do not use them for whatever means without contacting me first.

This site features just a small selection of my images, should you wish to see more, have a question or comment then click here. Enjoy your visit."